Matyukhina Olga Olegovna
Outpatient treatment of patients in Russian, English and French.
Work experience:     
Since 2009.
2003-2009. - Crimean State Medical University named after S.I. Georgievsky. Specialty: "Medicine" at the Crimean State Medical University. Specialty: "Medicine".
Internship / residency:     
2009-2011, specialty: "infectious diseases. - Residency in "infectious diseases", Crimean State Medical University. S.I. Georgievsky, Crimean State Medical University. 
Professional development:     
Regularly, every 5 years. Last:

2019 г. - Certificate course in the professional program "infectious diseases", I.P. Pavlov Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education of the Ministry of Health of Russia. The certificate is valid until 2024.
Matyukhina Olga Olegovna
Matyukhina Olga Olegovna



Therapeutic department, CDC

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