Sergey A. GUSARENKO, MD. Director of Medincentre

– Medincentre is among the most advanced multidisciplinary clinics in Russia. The medical facilities of GlavUpDK has been created by several generations of health professionals in our country. It was initially focused on the employees of the diplomatic corps and their family members and therefore, set higher quality requirements for medical care and services. Currently, the personnel aims at maintaining and multiplication of the traditions.

We provide a full range of medical services to our patients: from initial diagnostics, examination and treatment in the Clinical and Diagnostic Center and our own Inpatient Unit located on the territory of Botkin Hospital to rehabilitation in GlavUpDK recreation complexes.
Our staff consists of highly qualified specialists in various fields of medicine. We also engage specialists from foreign clinics as consultants.

The main principles of our work are:

  • High quality of medical care;
  • Patients’ trust and complete confidentiality;
  • State-of-the-art technologies; 
  • Personnel speaking foreign languages.