Physiotherapy Department

Elena A. DRONOVA, MD. Head of the department, physiotherapist:

- Our department is equipped with modern equipment in all areas of physiotherapy: electro, light, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, ultrasound, including vacuum-ultrasound effects, cryotherapy, heat treatment, inhalation (nebulizer inhalation therapy, halotherapy), Lymphavision and lymphopress devices, as well as hivamate.

All physiotherapists and nurses of the department have the highest qualification category and are highly professional specialists. High-quality and diverse technical equipment, the latest technologies and techniques allow us to create comprehensive programs of treatment and recovery in any disease, actively participating in treatment both in the acute period and in subsequent rehabilitation.

Reliably and efficiently help you with:

• diseases of the spine, joints,

• rehabilitation after injuries,

• problems of gynecology and urology,

• pulmonological diseases,

• migraines and asthenia,

• ENT disorder,

• Lympho-venous insufficiency of the lower limbs,

• and many other diseases.