VIP patient accompaniment

VIP services in Medincentre ensure personal assistance and care for patients and their family members at all stages of diagnosis and treatment.

For those who value their health and time!

VIP services include:

·        personal VIP Department phone number

·        individual approach to solving all organizational, bureaucratic and administrative issues

·        meeting in the Clinic and accompaniment to all consultations

·        calm and comfortable environment in the Clinic’s VIP zone

·        hospital VIP rooms

·        patient representation

·        personal appointment schedule, updates on procedures and consultation dates

·        different types of home health care services

·        sending laboratory test and medical examination results via email and messengers

·        updates on promotions and current Check-Up programs

·        language assistance services in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

·        15% discount on all services when making a deposit to an individual account

         To get VIP services:

·        deposit 200 000 rubles or more to your individual account

·        VIP price list

·        pre-approval by your health insurance company


For more information, please call +7 (499) 283-93-62