Type II Diabetes Mellitus

The program is intended for men and women at high risk of developing diabetes mellitus. According to the WHO, one in ten adult people in the world has diabetes mellitus, and the number of people with this disease has been continuously rising. At the same time, type II diabetes morbidity has been actively growing, with the patients’ age becoming younger — this disease is now often diagnosed in people aged 20 to 30 years.

Diabetes mellitus is called a silent killer since it progresses imperceptibly. Medincentre recommends you not to waste your time and undergo a complex Type II Diabetes Mellitus check-up program. The program includes specialists’ consultations, laboratory and instrumental diagnostics.

Based on the check-up results, you will be recommended a complex of measures aimed at reducing the risk of diabetes mellitus and compensating the existing disease.

The price of the Type II Diabetes Mellitus check-up is

– RUB 57,077 for men;

– RUB 56,389 for women.

For detailed information and appointment, call

+7 (495) 653-14-57