Department of dentistry

Alexey A., MD, Ph.D. Head of the Department of Dentistry:

- Our department is a team of highly professional specialists who in practice implement the concepts of preventive, microinvasive and aesthetic dentistry. We offer a full range of dental services for all family members. At the same time, one of our specializations is complex prosthetic dentistry. Doctors of the department have extensive and successful experience in performing prosthetics using dental implantation, as well as using ceramic crowns and ceramic veneers.

Only the most modern equipment, the latest technologies, techniques and materials, the best drugs - all this allows you to follow strictly the most important rule: We treat with high quality without pain!


• Diagnosis of diseases

• Dental implantation

• Surgical treatment

• Dental prosthetics

• Therapeutic treatment

• Teeth whitening

• Dental restoration

• Treatment of gums

• Dental and oral hygiene

• Periodontology

• Pediatric dentistry

• Dental technical laboratory