Otorhinolaryngological Department

Elena A. KULIKOVA, MD,  Acting head of the Department:

- Our department provides highly professional medical care to patients with diseases of the ear, throat (pharynx, larynx, trachea), nose and its appendage sinuses. For the diagnosis of ENT pathologies, the otorhinolaryngology department of our clinic is equipped with high-tech endoscopic, microscopic, ultrasound and electrosurgical equipment, such modern methods as MRI, CT of paranasal sinuses, larynx and temporal bones, impedance metrics, audiometry are used.

All doctors of our department have otorhinolaryngology specialist certificates. This is not only a team of experienced professionals, but also truly caring doctors who are ready to make the most of the knowledge and skills to help the patient.

The great advantage of the Medincentre is the existing continuity in the work of ENT doctors of the clinical diagnostic center and hospital. On the basis of the Medical Center hospital, if necessary, surgical treatment of ENT diseases is possible, and after the operation, patients remain under the supervision of highly qualified doctors in outpatient conditions.

We observe and treat patients with pathologies such as:

• Acute and chronic rhinosinusitis

• Vasomotor and allergic rhinitis

• Nasal bleeding

• External nose injuries

• Chronic tonsillitis

• Hypertrophy of adenoids and adenoiditis

• Chronic pharyngitis

• External otitis

• Acute and chronic otitis media

• Neurosensory hearing loss