Coronary Risk

The Coronary Risk check-up is intended to monitor the state of your heart, vessels, blood pressure, and tolerability of physical activity. It is particularly effective for people with current or past cardiovascular diseases and for monitoring changes in their health status.

Do not postpone diagnostics if you feel the following:

● heart pain or chest tightness
● rapid heart beat
● cardiac arrhythmias
● breathlessness
● elevated pressure
● fatigue, dizziness, loss of consciousness
● numbness of fingers

The program includes specialists’ consultations, laboratory and instrumental diagnostics. The price of examinations and tests as part of the comprehensive program is lower than that of individual ones.

Based on the check-up results, you will be recommended a complex of measures aimed to stabilize your condition and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

The price of the Coronary Risk check-up is RUB 55,601.

For detailed information and appointment, call +7 (495) 653-14-57