Dermatovenereological Department

Natalia N. KOZLOVA, MD, Ph.D, Dermatovenerologist. Acting head of the Department:

  - All medical procedures in our Department are supervised by highly qualified specialists; many of them have international certificates.

To detect and treat urogenital infections, our patients are provided with a full range of highly effective diagnostic methods, modern integrated treatment regimens for these diseases in accordance with Russian and European standards.

To properly diagnose neoplastic diseases at early stages our specialists use the method of dermatoscopy.  We can also do cytological and histological examinations in order to select an individual treatment program for our patients. Beauty enhancement and skin improvement programs are made up in accordance with patient’s personal desires and individual characteristics. 

  •  Diagnosis of neoplastic diseases using dermatoscopy analysis
  •  Diagnosis of smooth skin mycoses using Wood lamp examination
  •  Laser removal of benign skin tumors (Co 2 laser)
  •  Laser treatment of skin defects
  •  Laser facial skin resurfacing (Er + Co2 laser)
  •  Epilation on the Omnimax Medical device
  •  Phototherapy, photo rejuvenation (Omnimax)
  •  The acne Laser treatment (Omnimax)
  •  Infrared lifting (Omnimax)
  •  Radiofrequency skin tightening (Omnimax)
  •  Laser treatment of couperosis, pigmentation (Omnimax)
  •  Radiofrequency removal of benign skin lesions on the Fotek medical equipment
  •  Cryodestruction treatment of benign lesions
  •  Video diagnostics of scalp and hair on the Oramo video camera 

• Diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases
• Neoplastic skin lesions detection
• Benign tumors removal (Radiofrequency treatment)
• Laser therapy and cryoablation for treatment of benign skin tumors
• Diagnosis and treatment of nail fungus
• Non-operative callus treatment
• Ear piercing
• Laser treatment of vascular malformations and scars
• Hyperhidrosis treatment (excessive sweating)

• Diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract and genital infections including sexually transmitted

• Acne treatment
• Treatment of seborrheic dermatitis
• Therapeutic Ultrasound • Ionophoresis
• Dermabrasion
• Anti-aging programs
• Non-surgical facial rejuvenation (Dysport injections)
• Biorevitalization
• Cryotherapy
• Mesotherapy
• Scalp mesotherapy for hair loss
• Light therapy
• Non-Surgical Facial Contouring
• Photoepilation
• Skin diseases of the scalp treatment



• Diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases

• Diagnosis of skin neoplasms

• Removal of benign formations by radio wave method

• Laser and cryodestruction of benign neoplasms on the skin

• Diagnosis and treatment of fungal nail diseases

• Non-surgical treatment of calluses

• Laser correction of vascular formations and scarring

• Treatment of hyperhidrosis (increased sweating)


• Diagnosis and treatment of urogenital infections

• Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases


• Acne treatment (acne)

• Treatment of seborrhea

• Ultrasound therapy

• Ionophoresis

• Dermabrasion

• Anti-age programs

• Non-surgical facial rejuvenation (injections of dysport)

• Biorevitalization

• Cryotherapy

• Mesotherapy

• Scalp mesotherapy for alopecia

• Phototherapy

• Non-operational contour plastic

• Photoepilation

• Treatment of scalp diseases



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