Department of plastic surgery

We offer our patients the full range of plastic surgeries for aesthetic and medical indications.

Medical care is provided both in the Inpatient Unit under round-the-clock medical monitoring and treatment and on an outpatient basis.

Being a part of a multidisciplinary medical center, we offer our patients a wider range of options, which distinguishes us from highly specialized plastic surgery clinics — including complete preoperative assessment and postoperative rehabilitation. 

Our specialists will make every effort to restore your health and beauty.

We perform the following reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgical interventions:

– eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty);

– face lifting;

– forehead lifting (fronto-temporal lifting, FTL);

– removal of the buccal fat pad (corpus adiposum (Bichat) removal);

– cervical plasty (plastismoplasty, liposuction);

– breast augmentation (breast surgery, augmentation mammoplasty);

– breast lifting (mastopexy);

– breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty);

– nipple plasty (areoloplasty);

– lipofilling;

– abdominoplasty;

– buttock plasty (gluteoplasty);

– leg plasty (calf augmentation);

– slim waist sculpting.