Pediatric Department

Nikita A. TELYATNIKOV,  Acting head of the Pediatric Department

The main goal of our work is to preserve the health of the child. We are seeing the growth and development of our young patients from the newborn period to 15 years. The staff of our department are pediatricians of the highest qualification category, as well as specialists: cardiologist, neurologist, otolaryngologist, endocrinologist, dentist. Great attention is paid to immunoprophylaxis - prophylactic vaccinations under the WHO program: tetracoccus, MMR, ActHiB, hepatitis A and hepatitis B, pneumo-23. Vaccination is carried out by domestic and imported immunopreparations.

In our department, we try to create the most comfortable conditions for the sick child and parents. Especially for kids, the lobby of the department is designed in the form of a playground. Home health care is possible. The necessary medical documentation is drawn up and issued: sick list for parents, prescription, certificates to kindergarten, school, summer health camps for children.

Directions of our activities

• Diagnostics.

• Consultation of specialist pediatric doctors.

• Vaccination. Planned and optional.

• Drawing up an individual vaccination plan for the child.

• Certificates. Preparation of medical documentation.

• Dentistry.