Recovery complex after COVID-19 in the In-patient Department

The recovery program at the In-patient Department offers perfect combination of treatment and recreation. The advantage of this complex is that the patient is supervised by a doctor 24/7 to provide proper rehabilitation even for those patients who have had severe cases of COVID-19. After the treatment course you will feel recreated like after visiting a health resort.

It includes:

·        daily medical examinations;

·        laboratory diagnostics

·        clinical investigations;

·        physical therapy rehabilitation complex;

·        physiotherapy treatment complex;

·        massage;

·        development of individual recommendations and prescriptions for further at-home recovery.

The treatment course lasts 7-14 days and costs RUB 97,739.

To make an appointment, please call

+7(495) 933-86-48

+7(495) 933-86-49