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Ambulance Service

Ambulance Service

Vladimir Nikolaevich DOVGAL, head of the Ambulance Service , doctor of the highest qualification category:

- The Ambulance Service employs highly qualified specialists - doctors and nurses of the highest and first qualification categories, who carry out round-the-clock work to provide emergency care to the entire attached contingent.

To carry out work in the department there are 5 ambulances of the Volkswagen brand, equipped with modern medical equipment of leading companies in the USA, Germany and Japan.

The capabilities of the emergency department allow not only to conduct at a high professional level all emergency assistance to the attached contingent, but also to provide services for the transportation of severe patients with various pathologies.

Examination of the patient at the pre-hospital stage may include not only instrumental, but also laboratory methods of research (taking blood, swabs, etc.), which allows you to accurately and timely establish a diagnosis and provide targeted care to the patient.

Head of the Ambulance service
Dovgal Vladimir Nikolaevich
The Ambulance Service also offers services to organizations on contractual terms:

• Provision of emergency ambulance teams on duty at sports, corporate and other mass events;

• escort ambulance convoys along the route (exit to summer children's camps and holiday homes).

You can get more information and make a call to the team by phone:

• +7 (499) 237-39-04 +7 (499) 237-53-95


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