Gynecological Department

Irina A. Dolgova, MD, Ph.D, Acting Head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department:

- The priority of our department is the combination of providing effective treatment with the creation of maximum physical and psychological comfort for patients.

Our medical team consists of highly professional obstetricians-gynecologists.The department has up to date advanced equipment: Surgitron radio wave surgery apparatus, AcuPulse laser apparatus for the surgical treatment of cervical pathology. Each room is equipped with a colposcope for extended colposcopy, which is mandatory for the diagnosis of cervical pathologies.

The therapy uses conservative, medicinal, physiotherapeutic and surgical methods of treatment.

Our department works closely with other structural units of the clinical and diagnostic center with the involvement of related specialists, the laboratory, as well as with the gynecological department of the Medincentra hospital, which is actively introducing minimally invasive technologies that allow us to preserve the reproductive function of patients.
We treat patients with the following conditions:

• uterine fibroids
• endometriosis and external genital endometriosis
• cervical dysplasia
• leukoplakia of the cervix
• cervical ectropion
• pelvic inflammatory diseases
• cervicitis and vaginitis
• ovarian insufficiency
• menopausal and perimenopausal syndrome
• pregnancy care management
• and others 

• lower abdominal pain
• irregular periods
• infertility
• contraceptive guidance
• vaginal itching, burning, irritation
• menopause symptoms

Symptoms that suggest you should go see the Gynecologist:

• you are disturbed by pains in the lower abdomen

• your monthly cycle became irregular, menstruation - more frequent, abundant or, on the contrary, rare, scarce, stopped altogether

• you cannot get pregnant within 1 year

• you need to find protection against unwanted pregnancy

• you experience itching, burning in the genital area, secretions changed color, smell

• during menopause, you experience unpleasant sensations: dryness, hot flushes, discomfort, etc.

• must be registered for pregnancy management