Mitrofanova Natalia Filippovna
Pediatric dentist of the highest qualification category.

Work experience:
Since 1973.

1968-1973. - Yevdokimov Moscow State Medical University, Moscow Medical Dentistry Institute. Semashko Moscow Medical and Dental Institute. Specialty: "Dentistry". 

Professional retraining:
2010 г. - Specialist certificate in "pediatric dentistry".

Main activities:
Treatment and prevention of dental diseases in children.
Application of gentle methods of treatment and anesthesia (preparation by air abrasion, removal of dental plaque by Air Flow method, local anesthesia STA).

Professional development:
1980,1986. - 1980, 1986 - "Dental diseases in children", TSOLIUV.

1999 - "CEREC-method", company "Sirona".

1995 г. - "Light-curing materials. Parapulpalpal and anchor posts.", COLTENE, Switzerland.

2003 г. - "Topical issues of pediatric dentistry", Moscow State Medical University.

1995, 2008, 2010, 2015. - Certification courses in the specialty "Pediatric Dentistry", State Budgetary Educational Institution of Postgraduate Education "Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The certificate is valid until March 10, 2020.
Mitrofanova Natalia Filippovna
Mitrofanova Natalia Filippovna

Pediatric Dentist


Department of Dentistry, CDC

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