Pogozheva Galina Vasilievna
Physician-otorhinolaryngologist of the highest qualification category.

Conducting consultations and treatment of children and adolescents from the period of new birth.

Work experience:
  35 years.

1981г. - Graduated from the 1st Moscow Sechenov Medical Institute. Graduated from the Sechenov Moscow Medical Institute. Specialty: "Medicine". 

1981-1982. - Internship, Bryansk Regional Hospital.   Main activities:
Outpatient reception, observation and treatment of patients with pathology of ENT-organs. Knowledge of all diagnostic methods of ENT-pathology - endoscopy, ultrasonic diagnostics, audiometry and impedansometry.

Advanced training:
2017 г. - "Otorhinolaryngology with issues of surdology", Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Clinical Hospital.
Pogozheva Galina Vasilievna
Pogozheva Galina Vasilievna



Otorhinolaryngology Department, CDC

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