Polozova Elena Vladimirovna
An ophthalmologist of the highest qualification category.

Consulting and treatment of children and adolescents.

Work experience:
Since 1998.

1989-1995. - Tver State University. Specialty: Pediatrics.

1997-1998. - Internship in ophthalmology, department of eye microsurgery, Tver, city of Tver.

Areas of practice:
Reception of patients (adults and children) with pathology of the visual organ. I possess diagnostic methods, such as autorefractometry, tonometry, perimetry, ultrasound and OCT-diagnostics. As well as biometry, examination on a biomicroscope. Biomaterial sampling from the surface of the eye. Parabulbar injections.

Professional development:
Regular, every 5 years. Recent:

2016 г. - Certification cycle in the specialty "ophthalmology", Department of Ophthalmology of the Russian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education. The certificate is valid until April 16, 2021.
Polozova Elena Vladimirovna
Polozova Elena Vladimirovna



Surgical department, CDC

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