Rydevsky Maxim Stanislavovich
An ophthalmologist of the highest qualification category.

Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Author of 37 scientific publications.

Work experience:
Since 1998.

1992-1998. - Moscow Medical and Dental University. Specialty: "Medical Business". Diploma with honours.

1998-2000. - Clinical residency in ophthalmology, Department of Eye Diseases, Moscow State Medical and Surgical University, on the basis of the State Institution "Eye Microsurgery".

Postgraduate studies:
2003 г. - Defended her doctoral dissertation, "Doppler study of the blood flow of the lacrimal artery in the norm and with various eye pathologies".

Professional development:
Regularly, every 5 years. Latest:

2018 г. - Certification cycle in specialty "ophthalmology", Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Advanced Training of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency. The certificate is valid until February 10, 2023.

"Medvestnik - portal of the Russian physician": Description of a clinical case. Filariosis of the eyeball
Rydevsky Maxim Stanislavovich
Rydevsky Maxim Stanislavovich



Surgical department, CDC

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