Solovieva Elena Vasilievna
Head of the surgical department of the CDC
Highest qualification category

Since 1981.

1976-1981. - N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University - "Pediatrics". 

1981-1982. - State Budgetary Institution of the Ministry of Health of the Kolomna Central Regional Hospital - "Surgeon". 

 Advanced training:
2019-2024. Clinical Institute named after M. Vladimirskiy. M. Vladimirsky Clinical Institute (MONIKI) - "Surgery".

Main activities of the specialist:
Surgery on the skin and subcutaneous fat in full scope;

primary surgical treatment of wounds;

Differential diagnostics of the diseases of the organs of musculoskeletal system,

abdominal cavity, thoracic cavity, neck and head.

Management of patients after surgical interventions on organs of thoracic and abdominal cavity, vessels and muscles of extremities.
Solovieva Elena Vasilievna
Solovieva Elena Vasilievna

Head of the Surgical Department, CDC


Surgical department, CDC

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