Filippov Vladislav Vladimirovich
Doctor of Medicine


Since 1995.


1989-1995. - 1989-1995 "Moscow Medical Academy named after I.M. Sechenov". Specialty: "Medical Business", Moscow Medical Academy named after I.M. Sechenov.

Specialty "Medicine". 


1995-1997. - Residency in the Russian Scientific Center for Surgery, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. RUSSIAN SCIENTIFIC CENTER FOR SURGERY OF THE RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES.

Specialty: Traumatology and Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery.


2006 г. - Professional retraining in specialty "Traumatology and orthopedics" (Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy) 

2012 г. - Professional retraining in the specialty "Plastic surgery" (MMA named after I.M. Sechenov)

Clinical residency in surgery - a valid specialist certificate (passing courses to improve qualifications every 5 years).


Scientific activity:

2001 г. - Defence of the thesis for a Candidate's Degree on the topic: "Microsurgery in the plastic surgery of the tendons of the hand".

2013 г. - Defending his PhD thesis on the topic: "Vascularized periosteal-cortical autografts in reconstructive limb surgery".

Author of 76 scientific papers, including those published abroad.

Author of 10 patents for invention on different issues of microsurgery and reconstructive surgery

Repeatedly participated in national and international scientific congresses and conferences.
Filippov Vladislav Vladimirovich
Filippov Vladislav Vladimirovich



Surgical department, CDC

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