Medincentre — 76 years of safeguarding health

On March 6, the unique multifunctional medical facility Medincentre, a branch of GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia, celebrated its 76th anniversary. The clinic founded in 1948 by a decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR has unique capabilities and is still famous for its advanced technologies and high standards of service, as well as outstanding specialists – Doctors and Candidates of Medicine and doctors of the highest category.

The multifunctional medical center includes a modern Clinical and Diagnostic Center with an area of more than 9,000 m2. The clinic delivers outpatient care in a number of areas both for adults and children: general medicine, endoscopy, cardiology, neurology, otorhinolaryngology, endocrinology, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, dentistry, ophthalmology, surgery, traumatology and orthopedics, gastroenterology and dietetics, allergology and immunology, dermatovenerology, infectious diseases, pediatrics, physiotherapy, cosmetology; departments of diagnostics, physiotherapy and physical therapy are also available.

Medincentre is one of the few medical facilities in Moscow with such a variety of rehabilitation treatment options, and an individual approach to each patient allows them to efficiently recover in the shortest possible time.

Patients also appreciate the convenient location of the facility in the center of Moscow, the clinic's own parking and ambulance service, as well as increased patient admission time – up to 30 minutes.

The rich traditions and commitment to the values of medical diplomacy, smooth and excellent patient experience, unceasing service improvement and keen attention to patients is what Medincentre is especially proud of.

Learn more about the services or make an appointment: +7 (495) 933-86-48.