Medincentre Emergency Medical Services’ options
Calling an ambulance often becomes a key factor in saving a patient's life, allows to diagnose the problem on time and prevent serious health complications in the shortest possible time. 

Indications for calling an ambulance can be different: infections and acute diseases, severe headache, convulsions, wounds and bleeding, cardiac arrhythmia, sudden changes in blood pressure, allergic reaction and much more. 

The Medincentre Emergency Medical Services have extensive options for a house call. Experienced medical staff guarantee high-quality medical services, and equipped critical care vehicles ensure safe transportation. 

A patient does not need to have any registration or any other identity documents – the emergency doctor will issue a medical certificate right away. If a patient has an OMI policy, then he or she will be hospitalized in city’s private clinics or in the Medincentre round-the-clock inpatient unit. 

If necessary, patients can use additional services, such as: presence of a medical team at events of any format and complexity; escort of convoys traveling to camps and recreation facilities; transportation of sedentary patients up to 500 km from Moscow.

Call the Medincentre Emergency Medical Services: +7 (499) 240-43-43