Pediatric Department gets new doctors

Medincentre has got more highly specialized children’s doctors. Its Pediatric Department is now staffed with the following specialists:

·        Endocrinologist Dinara R. Anderzhanova provides services to newborns and older children, frequently participates in international forums and congresses of pediatric endocrinology and carries out research under the European Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative (COSI).

·        Cardiologist Egor M. Novikov has vast background in diagnosing and treating a wide range of cardiovascular diseases. He has completed professional retraining in pediatric cardiology. He is a Candidate of Medical Sciences.

·        Ultrasound diagnostics doctor Vera S. Sobol provides services to infants and older children. She specializes in superficial body parts and structures, abdominal and retroperitoneal organs, pelvis, scrotum, neurosonography and hip joints in infants.

We also remind you that Medincentre employs other pediatric doctors, such as allergist/immunologist, neurologist, orthopedic traumatologist, and dentist. The Pediatric Department is open daily. You can also call a doctor to your home.

An appointment can be made via Medincentre’s app or website (, or by calling +7 499 250-00-00. To arrange a house call, dial +7 499 237-53-95