Medincentre invites you to get vaccinated

Vaccination is a safe and reliable way to protect yourself and other people from many diseases. This procedure is recommended for children and adults, it allows the body to develop immunity to various infections.

Today, the issue of vaccination is especially relevant: in recent months, there was an outbreak of infectious diseases in Russia, including measles.

Medincentre offers to its patients a wide range of vaccines, all of which have been scientifically tested and meet the international safety and efficacy standards. For example, Gardasil, a drug developed in the Netherlands, contributes to developing immunity against the papillomavirus, whereas Varilrix, a vaccine made in Belgium, will protect the body from chicken pox.

Before vaccination, a doctor conducts a comprehensive examination of the patient to identify possible contraindications.

Vaccines available in the Infectious Cabinet:

• ADS-M (prevention of diphtheria and tetanus); 

• AS (emergency prophylaxis of tetanus); 

• Rabies vaccine (routine prevention of rabies);

• Algavac M (prevention of viral hepatitis A);

• Regevac (prevention of viral hepatitis B);

• Shigellvac (prevention of dysentery); 

• Vianvac (prevention of typhoid fever);

• Measles vaccine (prevention of measles);

• Rubella vaccine (prevention of rubella);

• EnceVir (prevention of tick-borne encephalitis);

• Ultrix Quadri (prevention of influenza);

• Pneumovax 23 (prevention of pneumococcal infection);

• Gardasil (prevention of human papillomavirus); 

• Varilrix (prevention of chicken pox);

• Yellow fever vaccine (prevention of yellow fever).

This offer is limited by the amount of available vaccines.

Additional information by phone: +7 (495) 933-86-49