Medincentre – 75 Years of Health Preservation and Improvement Efforts

March 6 marks a 75th anniversary of Medincentre, an unparalleled medical institution in Moscow and an affiliate of GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia. Founded in 1948 by the Decree of the USSR Council of Ministers, it is still famous for its outstanding specialists, top-notch technology and highest service standards.

Medincentre provides a full range of first aid, outpatient/inpatient, ambulance and emergency medical care services. It comprises the modern Clinical and Diagnostic Center (9,000m2) providing a broad range of outpatient care services from treatment to cosmetology, in addition to diagnostics, physiotherapy and remedial exercise departments.

This is one of the few metropolitan clinics that boast a diverse rehabilitation capacities helping patients improve their health and address other fitness issues. It widely applies a patient-centered approach, including a vast array of remedial exercise, physiotherapy, reflexology, MLT and manual therapy methods, to restore the patient’s body as effectively as possible.

The clinic has a comfortable 100-bed inpatient facility located at the S.P. Botkin City Clinical Hospital and offering a wide spectrum of medical care services, while patients can avail themselves of both single/double rooms and suites.

The in-house ambulance department provides first aid, emergency care and prompt medical transportation services 24/7.

Today, Medincentre is a top multidisciplinary clinics nationwide whose physical infrastructure and medical traditions have been created by more than one generation of the best Russian doctors.

The team steeped in tradition and committed to the values of medical diplomacy, including provision of smooth excellent patient experience, unceasing efforts to improve the services and keen attention to patients, is what Medincentre is especially proud of. Its staff includes doctors/candidates of medical sciences and board certified physicians, most of them having pursued medical practice for more than 40 years.

To learn more about our services or make an appointment, call by: +7 (495) 933-86-48.