Covid-19 recovery programs

The main complications that occur to patients who have had COVID-19 affect immune (lymphopenia), respiratory (threat of lung fibrosis, decreased respiratory function), cardiovascular (development of arrhythmias, decompensation of heart activity), circulatory (blood clotting disorders) systems, and mental activity (occurrence of depressive conditions).

COVID-19 side effects can appear unexpectedly months after a full recovery, even to people who have had a mild form of this disease.

Early rehabilitation will allow getting back to normal as soon as possible. For these purposes, the Medincentre specialists have developed special comprehensive COVID-19 recovery programs:


A specialist will choose the most appropriate recovery complex, with consideration of your individual needs.


These programs include:

-        appointments with a therapist, a physiotherapist, a physical therapy doctor, a neurologist, a cardiologist and a reflexologist;

-         laboratory diagnostics;

-         clinical investigations;

-         reflexology sessions;

-         physical therapy rehabilitation complex;

-         mechanotherapy sessions;

-         physiotherapy treatment complex;

-         massage;

-         individual psychotherapy sessions;

-         development of individual recommendations and prescriptions for further self-recovery.


The programs vary in content, duration, and price.



Programs’ objectives:

·        respiratory system’s restoration: elimination of fibrotic destruction, ventilation improvement, respiratory muscle function;

·        elimination of cardiac complications;

·        prevention of thrombotic complications - thrombophlebitis of veins of the lower extremities;

·        elimination of psychoemotional and behavioural disorders such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, cognitive disorders (decreased concentration, onset of dementia);

·        helping a person go back to normal.


PLEASE NOTE The cost of examinations and tests as part of a comprehensive program is much lower than individual ones.


For detailed information and appointments, please call +7 499 283-93-63