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Medincentre (a branch of GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia) has more than 20 programs specially developed to ensure effective diagnostics with regard to each patient’s specific needs.

Check-up is a comprehensive examination of all major systems and organs in the human body. Each program includes: examination and consultation by a doctor (or several specialists), laboratory tests and state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques.

Such diagnostics makes it possible to quickly get a detailed report on all the health aspects, to determine whether there is predisposition to certain diseases, and to make individual recommendations concerning prevention and dress up a treatment plan.

Depending on the program chosen, the duration of the check-up may vary from 5 hours (for outpatient services provided in the polyclinic) to 3 days (in the inpatient unit).

Medincentre offers the following check-up programs for diagnostic screening in men and women: standard, standard plus, optima, and complete check-up.

The following programs are also available:

– Stop Stroke


– Coronary Risk

– Treatment of Obesity

– Type II Diabetes Mellitus

– Health Screening

– Mother-to-Be

– I Want to Become a Mother

– I Want to Become a Father

– Check-Up for Women Aged 45+

– Pre-operative Assessment

– Skin and Nail Health

For detailed information on the check-up contents and prices, go to Services and Prices.

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