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04.06.2021 June is the diagnostics month in Medincentre
Medincentre keeps presenting its functional departments. In June, we’re going to talk about diagnostics which is key to preventing various conditions.
12.04.2021 Surgical month at Medincentre
Often the off-season brings on aggravations of various diseases, including chronic ones. For surgical specialists, this is a busy season. April has been selected the surgery month at Medincentre in order to help patients better navigate in this profile.
09.02.2021 Congratulations on Dentistry Day
On the 9th of February dentists all over the world celebrate their professional holiday.
08.02.2021 Give the Gift of Health
In anticipation of the holidays, Medincentre reminds you of the opportunity to buy a health screening program as a gift for a loved one.
02.02.2021 Dentistry month in Medincentre
Low temperatures, frequent colds often weaken the body in the winter months. 
26.01.2021 Capacities of Medincentre’s Diagnostics department
Quality and timely diagnostics, highly qualified doctors and technical capabilities of medical equipment are the basis for good health.
20.01.2021 Medincentre is among the winners of the Clinic of the year contest
Medincentre (an affiliate of GlavUpDK under the MFA of Russia) took part in the Clinic of the Year contest organized by Komsomolskaya Pravda radio station.
18.01.2021 Traumatology month in Medincentre
The winter months are considered the most traumatic. Weather conditions, skiing, sledding, skating, snowboarding, tubing traditionally lead to the increase in the number of patients who seek help.
18.01.2019 Medincenter’s cosmetologists recommend starting preparations for spring
The winter season is ideal for absolutely all types of medical and beauty procedures, especially the removal of tumors, scars, pigment spots, dilated vessels, hair, wrinkles, and skin and hair care programs. 
Medincentre COVID-19 recovery programs
Complications in patients after COVID-19 mainly affect the immune, respiratory, cardiovascular, circulatory and nervous systems.


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