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Recovery program after COVID-19 "Ultra +"

The Ultra+ program includes a complete list of necessary diagnostic examinations and treatment sessions to restore good health of patients after COVID-19.

It includes:

·        appointments with a general practitioner, a physiotherapist, a physical therapy doctor, a neurologist, a cardiologist and a reflexologist;

·        follow-up appointments with a general practitioner and a neurologist;

·        laboratory diagnostics

·        clinical investigations;

·        reflexology sessions;

·        physical therapy rehabilitation complex;

·        mechanotherapy sessions.

·        physiotherapy treatment complex;

·        massage;

·        individual psychotherapy sessions.

·        development of individual recommendations and prescriptions for further at-home recovery.

The treatment course lasts 7-14 days

and costs RUB 74,123.

To make an appointment, please call

+7(495) 933-86-48

+7(495) 933-86-49



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