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About us
    Today Medincentre is a high-end medical institution with a polyclinic and a 100-bed hospital. Our modern facilities also house a 24/7 emergency service. As of 01.03.2014, Medincentre has 190 highly qualified doctors representing a variety of medical specialties, as well as offering a wide scope of outpatient and in-patient services. Our staff speaks foreign languages and applies latest technologies for delivering quality medical care.
    Today, in its effort to serve the healthcare needs of the community, Medincentre provides medical services to 60 000 patients per year, among them 15 000 foreign citizens. Medincentre is certified under Russian and European standards (EN ISO 9000:2000).  
    Medincentre’s key feature has been its 66 years of expertise in serving the diplomatic coprs. Its service to the diplomatic staff has earned it a reputation of a high-profile medical institution with consistent service quality.
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Polyclinic building of Medincentre
    The history of a state-run medical institution for diplomatic staff and their families dates back to early 1921, when the Bureau for Service to Foreign Citizens (Burobin) was established. Back then the diplomatic staff received medical treatment in the polyclinic of Moscow City Executive Committee.
    After the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) the USSR expanded its diplomatic connections with foreign countries and the number of diplomatic staff in Moscow considerably increased. On March 6th, 1948  the Council of Ministers of the USSR made a decision to establish the Special Polyclinic of the Main Administration for Service to the Diplomatic Corps. The objective of this institution was to provide medical care to diplomatic staff and foreign citizens.
    In 1956 the Special Polyclinic was re-located to a two-storey mansion in Moscow city centre (Sverchkov sidestreet). In-patient medical services were delivered in Building 6 and further on in Building 5 of Botkin Hospital – one of the most renowned healthcare institutions of Moscow.
    The year of 1975 was marked by the construction of a brand new in-patient facility – Building 5 of Botkin Hospital was rebuilt to accommodate the hospital for the diplomatic staff and foreign citizens. In 1980 the “diplomatic” medical services further expanded with the opening of the polyclinic building at 4, 4th Dobryninsky sidestreet. 
    In 1992 the Special Polyclinic with in-patient facilities was reorganized to become Medincentre – Subsidiary Company of Main Administration for Service to the Diplomatiс Corps. In 2005 its status changed for a Branch of Main Administration for Service to the Diplomatic Corps, following another reorganization. 

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4, 4-th Dobryninsky per., Moscow, Russian Federation
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